This city is changing me. I accept its lofty invitations of growth and constant stimulation. I can see in ways I have never seen. My past at a glance full of realization and splattered disappointments. I walk at night to leave them behind. I reach the end of the pier where the birds look like shooting stars and the salty sea fills my senses, I shake the hand of  Manhattan in admiration of its skylines as large as my dreams. This is my new beginning. This is where I must truly begin. This is where I am.

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Its days  like this I sit and wonder at the wonder that is my life. From eyes close to eyes open, open to close again – constantly amazed by the people that fill the spaces in between. Magical moments in interactions – add thoughts and imagination. This is my little river to the golden ground

“Well there is something ’bout the quiet, uplifting laughter
You’ve just spent so many years chased by a cloud, oh
It’s taken you so far, far past the cliff’s edge
And now your feet just poke around to feel the ground, oh”

-Tallest Man On Earth


With so much inspiration surrounding me throughout my day I often feel as if there is a forest fire in my chest beating the blood through my veins with such intensity. I am overwhelmed in observation of the simple treasuring of each other and the way in which this plays out in my life. Every moment is surprise, finding, loving, loosing, and finding again. Eyes open 0n all sides, exposed. 


I come full of hope and promise with my hands held out in front. I dazzle at the thought of love seeking 
magic and inspirations. In search of eyes so wide looking into and all around. In constant pursuit of 
adventures and explorations. Come with me. Take my hand. I can feel it so strong now.

We ❤ It


Confusion fills the spaces where certainty once dwelled- Heartbeats moving at paces speeds of light- Craving freedom only felt in flight so i fly- Leaving behind the lips and limbs and eyes interlocked tightly- Seen only by sunset and sunrise- No fear of loosing or winning- Living in dreaming my life

WE ❤ It


It feels limitless now, as if there is nothing left out or held in in any way. The ink on my arms seem more real then before as does the deliberate inhale/exhale of every single breath. Owl eyes and eagle feathers encourage the seeking of new adventure and tantalizing treasure. Tiny glass bottles holding my dreams released into the world with such courageous destinations. Take it out, put in on the bedside table and watch it sing. It looks like a childhood dream i once had of my heart but with wings and a mouth, only now i can make out the lyrics and sing along. Gift


It would be wrong. It would be wrong because the promise told would ever be the promise given. And so, the life that she thought she could have, the one of sea breezes, of peeling paint, of something sweet smelling from the back porch each day, of lazy cats and bad coffee, would never make itself real for her. The days of leisure, of wandering, of reading and writing, of dreaming would soon be over, replaced by a waitress apron, a jar of barely enough. And when the weariness, when the tiredness sets in, then so too does the hate, so too does the spite. And so, do you see? Do you see what i gave up to be with you. And years later, when trees were no longer birch and sycamore, but other trees that did not seem to sprout from mythical books, she would remember a certain picture she took before it all went awry, in that irreproachable promise of something different. She would remember an orange boat tied to a dock, a dock that she wanted, and know that it wasn’t him but the water she was in love with